How to Decide if Celebrating During Quarantine is the Right Decision for You

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Four months ago, when we first started to hear about COVID-19, I would have never thought that the conversations we had with couples in March + April, would resurface again in July.  Yet, we’re nearly half way through Summer and we’re in the process of another round of postponements and another round of difficult decisions, leaving couples devastated. Not to mention, an industry that relishes on pleasing and serving, completely turned upside down.  From the start, we’ve tried our best to help advise our clients as best we can. A mentor and fellow wedding planner, Megan Gillikin, of A Southern Soiree, says it best, “We’re one part designers, one part wedding fairy godmothers, one part confidantes, and one part therapists!”. And lately, this couldn’t be more true.  We’ve been listening and will continue to listen to our couples who need the support to make the best decision for them. If only I was an actual fairy godmother, I would wish this all to go away, so we can all get back to some normalcy. The truth is though, we as planners don’t have all the answers. We’re not doctors or lawyers, and we can’t predict the future. Lately, we’ve seen light at the end of a dark tunnel, and some clients are looking to plan an intimate wedding ceremony for this Summer, postponing their Fall celebrations, and then planning to have everyone gather  on a larger scale later in 2021. We love this idea, (assuming the state guidelines still allow for this to happen, and safety precautions are taken VERY seriously). The bright side, you get to celebrate twice!  But this isn’t an easy decision. Yet, we’ve found these tips to be extremely helpful for our clients when deciding if they should celebrate during quarantine. 

1) First, make two lists! On list #1, write down what would make you most  happy during this intimate celebration. Is it having a certain person attend? Is it having a specific vendor be in attendance? Is it walking down the aisle with someone special? On list #2, write down what you wouldn’t mind leaving for the 2021 celebration.  This part is very important, so really think about it! 

2) Once you have these two lists, given the government guidelines that you must adhere to, circle what things can still take place from list #1.  Once you can physically see what items are still able to take place and what items would need to wait, will help guide you into making your decision. 

3) Next, speak with your families. Take into consideration that there are special moments that are looking forward to also. It’s important to consider their opinions as well. 

4) Consider the safety precautions that you would need to have in place during the intimate celebration. Can you feasible do this? Would you need extra help to coordinate? Are you willing to take on these extra protocols, to ensure the safety of your guests and vendors?

5) Lastly, once you’ve made a decision, give yourself an extra day or two to think about it. If you still feel strongly with the decision, move forward and be confident in your decision. 

The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer. There is not a single formula that works for every client. But, if we can make the difficult decision, even slightly easier, we are happy to help! Ultimately, you as a couple can only make this decision. But, once you do, we hope you feel confident in it and finally get to the point of feeling excited! If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

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Author: Jodie Lupo Munson

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