My Take On Post Wedding Blues

I was recently talking to a friend who is in the final stretch of planning her upcoming Summer wedding.  She cheekily mentioned that with all the celebrating that comes with being engaged, it has been difficult for her to stay on track with those wedding health goals. We’ve all been there! And whether your wedding fitness journey started with a goal of losing those lingering pounds from college or you wanted to just look your very best on your big day, that’s not really here nor there.

From the moment you get engaged, is there anything else you think of more than how you’ll look walking down the aisle? The prep alone consists of getting hair and make-up trials, multiple dress fittings, the dreadful quest of finding that perfect under garment… the list goes on. Writing this makes me sort of cringe and think – how vain can we be? But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t guilty of thinking those same exact thoughts in the months leading up to my own wedding day.

So how does this relate to post-wedding blues? Your wedding day will come and you’ll be high above cloud nine you will be living one of, if not THE, best day of your life. But then the day passes and the celebrations will come to an end and ultimately you go back to everyday life. Reality hits hard when you are back at your desk, working the 9-5 job with all the time in the world now that there is nothing to plan or distract you. Long gone are the days when the phrase, “I’m getting married!” was a legit excuse when you accidentally missed a work deadline. And the gym, where just weeks before you called your second home, all of a sudden just doesn’t appeal to you at all.   And you may wonder where all your motivation, in general, went. Don’t get me wrong, you are happier than ever, but it’s hard not to miss all the special attention you were receiving, the endless congratulations, people asking to see pictures of your dress and the floral arrangement mock-up. If these feelings sound like you, you may be experiencing post wedding blues.

This isn’t meant to scare you and don’t worry, you won’t find yourself crying on the bathroom floor. At least, I hope not! But it is a warning for all those engaged! Luckily, there is one really easy solution to dealing with this.  The single best way to dodge any post wedding blues is to not feel a single ounce of guilt when indulging in the pre-wedding festivities. Make it a goal to enjoy every glass of champagne and every excuse to celebrate so that you can look back and say that not only was your wedding day amazing, but that you enjoyed every moment leading up to it.  If your days are packed with trying to get your work life organized before your time off for the wedding and therefore your gym time has to suffer, let it go. You will have plenty of time to focus more on healthy living and get back on track after the wedding when you get some free time back into your schedule. You will regret all those times you worried about over indulging in those celebratory moments before the wedding if you are stressed and living up to unrealistic expectations. This is not to say that your engagement lifestyle is a free for all and you should hit up the late night drive thru at McDonalds! That’s not what I am encouraging, nor do I think it will make you feel happy. Making healthy choices and finding the right balance for you will actually help you manage and navigate through this stressful time.  But give yourself some slack when you need the extra hour of sleep in the morning and you skip the gym or you indulge in the extra margarita with coworkers after work, or if you actually eat the cake at your bridal shower, your work bridal shower, and again at your best friends bridal shower … you get the idea. Try to live an equally balanced lifestyle of healthy habits that are combined with celebratory moments.  And remember that life will continue after the wedding and you’ll have plenty of time to play catch-up.



Author: Jodie Lupo Munson

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